Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unexpected Reverence

Easter was a lovely day. Spring arrived a bit ago, yet the rain broke for a particularly inviting afternoon. The Downs' invited us over to join them and the Michon's for a delicious feast. Carter was dressed in her latest Easter (it better be used for more than just Easter) dress and she looked adorable.

Her Mama' snapped this one just as the bubble machine spouted some shimmery joy.

Later, "Peanut" & "Lotus" were toddling about chattering about what the older boys were doing, particularly their fascinating cousin Tanner-Man........

Now, today was your typical Sunday morning in our household, slow-moving. However, some unusual events transpired that were noteworthy. First, while Mama' Bear was prepping for the day, "Peanut" brought me her latest Jesus book to read. It is a picture book, with art by Greg Olsen. The desire to have me read a book to her is by no means irregular, yet I was surprised at the coincidence of a Sunday morning that she asked me to read her Greg Olsen book, twice. So, we continued our preparations and made our way to the Reston Chapel.
Hmmm, seems there are a few extra families attending the Sacrament Service, cool. Opening song and prayer followed by the typical announcements of happenings in the upcoming week. The congregation joined in singing the Sacrament Hymn and BAM! my eyes connect with a man on the stand whom I've never seen in person ..... Henry B. Eyring, member of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
Not every Sunday that you see a living Apostle of Jesus in your Sunday Service. I lean over to Lauren and share with her my observation and I'll leave out the details, but suffice it to say she didn't believe me at first. Moments later we realized that as is customary that the presiding Authority in a meeting is the first offered the bread & water. Sure enough, President Eyring was sitting on the stand, adjacent to our Bishop and Stake President.
At the end of the meeting he shared his testimony of Heavenly Father's awareness of "every sparrow" on the Earth, and certainly He was keenly, and lovingly aware of the physical, emotional and spiritual trials the members of our congregation are experiencing. I emphasize the "are experiencing" because he stated these reassuring words as though prompted to do so. There was no profound statement that had any context outside of directly to those in attendance in that meeting; yet surely it was a priviledge, and delightful surprise.
The most impressive factor for us was that Carter sat through the entire one hour meeting! We didn't have to leave ONCE!! This is amazing! Little-Miss-Wiggles surely had us chasing her over the next two hours of the day, but during this meeting, with an Apostle of God present, she was content to read her picture church books, eat snacks and generally shock us by her reverence. I cannot emphasize enough how wiggly Carter has been at church of late. Over the next hour that she was with me we did at least six, maybe seven laps around our building. For Carter she must've felt as though she had sprinted for a mile or two!!
I personally will attest to the peaceful, and calming sensations provided to me by the Holy Ghost that confirmed to me that this man, Henry Eyring, was indeed an Apostle like Peter, James or John. God does indeed speak to us today through his ordained leaders, in the same manner he did in ancient times.
Turns out that he was present in our service due to being the Keynote Speaker at a BYU - Alumni Fundraiser last night in Oakton, VA and was staying with our Stake President (who happens to reside in our Reston Ward boundaries) while in town.

#6 vs. #1

Consider this our version of March Madness:

Carter's Aunt Kate & Uncle Brian asked her parents (mostly her Mommy) to tend to their six children while they were on vacation. While they were out, before Carter & I caught the flu, Virginia had it's best snow of the winter season = 6". Meager for many, but a fair amount to play in out here.

So, this is "Lotus" enjoying the feel of snow on her tongue ....
As you are able to see, this cheery little lady embraced the cold snow and fed herself snowballs! She is all of 16 months old in this image and had no apprehension with pouncing about with her mastifs in the rare Virginia snow. "Lotus" is #6 of 6.

Moving, on you see here "Peanut" in the same snow .....
As you are able to observe, she is not "embracing" the snowfall. Her Mother attributes her sobbing to the fact that she contacted the flu virus a day or two later; her Father was doubtful. Ruthless, perhaps, but it's not like she was given a "white-wash" or anything. The reality is that being #1 of 1 lends to being less adventurous than being #6 of 6.

Anyhow, the two played well together over the week .... well, mostly; "Lotus" was prone to taking sneak-shoves on her 1 month younger cousin to establish that it was her "home turf". Well played little one; well played.